Take charge of your upstream and midstream operations and boost automation by applying edge computing. Monitor your assets remotely with interactive visualization platform.
Optimize performance with intelligent monitoring and control
We deliver control and software solutions to help provide a safer, secure, and more environmentally efficient manufacturing process. Leveraging our control and software solutions, you’ll experience higher product quality, more efficient tuning, more refined control, and better process visibility by getting the right people in the right place, with the right information
Enhance Operational Performance with a Proactive Reliability Strategy
Having a proactive reliability management strategy is the secret against declining operational performance while improving process availability and lowering operating costs.Phoenix Completions' reliability consulting services deliver a complete asset management solution that brings a proactive strategy reducing the frequency, duration, and impact of planned and unplanned events.
Optimize Your Enterprise Performance with Risk Management
Phoenix Completions' comprehensive Asset Performance Management solution helps to focus on critical assets that require immediate attention. Leveraging FMEA analysis, reliability strategies, work procedure development, and CMMS integration helps concentrate on assets based on priority and improve a company’s performance through increased uptime, increased production, increased throughput, and decreased maintenance costs.
IO and Sensor Data Collection

• Paper Charts and Rotary Meter Replacement
• Water/Oil Hauling Scheduling
• Alarming and Notifications
• Compression Analytics
• Tank Gauging
• Pump Time On and Off
• Separator Monitoring
• Vibration Monitoring
Chemical Solutions

• Specific Drilling and Completion Fluid Designs
• Rheology Modifiers
• Water Based and Oil Based Mud Additives
• Cementing Additives
• Onsite and Lab Based Fluid testing & Analysis
• Surfactants & Non-Emulsifiers
• Acid Chemicals
• Scale Inhibitors
• Brine Tolerant Friction Reducers
Technology Solutions

• Reservoir Monitoring
• Reservoir Evaluation
• Well Design & Planning
• Completion Design and Development
• Onsite Well Supervision
• App Based Soft ware and Controls
• Real Time Data Analytics
• Emissions Reduction
• Equipment Electrification
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